Alison Wren

Alison Wren –A Brief Look at What Makes Her Tick

Alison lives and is based in Sheffield. She studied Ceramics at Staffordshire University. We were drawn to her work because of the smooth, voluptuous lines of many of her pieces, coupled with her beautiful signature speckled glazes.

We asked Alison:

1)   Why do you do what you do?

"It has always been in my heart and I have always enjoyed making things in my spare time. Having trained in Ceramics and then had a long break working in other fields, I have now finally returned to doing what I love."

2)   Sum up your signature style in three words or phrases.

"Simple, elegant and from the heart."

3)   What do you watch/ listen to/ think about while you are working?

"I listen to a variety of things, but Radio 4 is a frequent choice. Somtimes i'll put some music on, something like Leonard Cohen, Bjork or Kings of Leon are current favourites"