About Us

Let me introduce myself - my name is Jen and I am in the Nicely Sourced driving seat. The other names that make up the Nicely Sourced crew are Al, Leo and Orlaith. It's a typical 2.4 children setup (minus the dog…sadly! Actually, let’s just say no dog YET!) All of us, ranging from age 6 right up to 40, love nice things and it was with this in mind that Nicely Sourced started. Our background is simple. Within our family, we have always loved scouting for and bringing home pieces of art and craft work that will be loved, treasured and then passed down through the successive generations.

We firmly believe that just one nicely sourced piece can transform a home, a space, a mood and we pride ourselves on being able to present to you our collection so far, that has been lovingly crafted by our talented makers. An appreciation of the aesthetic is at the heart of our collection, so that aesthetic and functional qualities often combine to make pieces that feature in our everyday lives, much more magical.

Yorkshire, born and bred, we are passionate about our wild, moorland landscapes infused with atmosphere and we have the work of several brilliant Yorkshire makers in our shop as well as talented makers from across the UK.

We hope that you enjoy browsing as much as we have enjoyed sourcing and that you see a place in your life for one or even many of our pieces.